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 My Mod Application

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PostSubject: My Mod Application   Sat Jun 12, 2010 9:48 am

Hello I am Patrick (6o9o) I Am runing for mod/Hidden Mod.
Well to start off my applaction i just wanted to say Thanks To Azure for making this server work. Hes the Best Coder/Hoster Eney1 could ask For. Also Thanks Kyle for all your hard work in crating and Makeing This Amzing Sever for all Us player to play, =]

Name: Patrick (6o9o)
Why I want to be Staff: Well I been playing since I belive the Begining of the server. I Have Been Hellping all Players/Staff to on enything Such as were shops are,how to get money,traning the hole bit. I Belive i Have the Responsibly on Bening A Trustful, Nice, Good Staff to all players and other staff members. I have benn There for every1 helping telling them to stay active on fourms,vote 24 every24hrs to make this the best server and make every1 fell welcom. I Will be contuing to help players in the begging on telling them to thive for money, Telling were to train, Just being a good Player the best i can be, I forsee this server on going for in the long run. i will be dedcating all the time i can to play,help players, i Hope this applaction get me somewere in the nere futrue thanks for all ur time on reading

Patrick (6o9o)

Kyle,Azure, all staff members keep up the good work. Thanks Have a good stay on PurePk.
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PostSubject: dear player..   Thu Aug 26, 2010 5:10 am

I think you have wath it takes to be mod, personally I advice you keep on working hard to be more than mod =]
Gl!!! Smile Very Happy What a Face
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My Mod Application
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